Seishinkan Iaido

Welcome to Seishinkan Iaido

Seishinkan Iaido teaches the traditional koryu martial art of Musou Jikiden Eishinryu Iaido as taught by the late Yasuyoshi Kimura (10th Dan Hanshi “Grandmaster”) at his Meishinkan dojo in Osaka, Japan.

The head of Seishinkan Iaido is Glenn “Agou” Stockwell (8th Dan) who trained directly under Yasuyoshi Kimura in Osaka since 1991.

Seishinkan Iaido currently has eight dojos in Japan, Australia, the United States of America, and Poland.

Seishinkan Iaido is recognised as an official shibu (regional branch) of the Dai Nihon Iaido Renmei and is the only non-Japanese dojo recognised by the Renmei in this way.

Upcoming Events

Dai Nihon Iaido Renmei Taikai 

The annual All Japan Iaido Federation Taikai (Championship) is held at the site of the Iwashimizu Hachimangu Shrine in Yawata-shi near Kyoto, Japan on 3 and 4 May.

Members of Seishinkan Iaido attend and successfully compete in the Taikai every year since 1999. A record of Seishinkan members’ achievements at the Taikai can be found on the Achievements page.

Australian National Iaido Seminar 

Held biannually, the Australian National Iaido Seminar is a two day training seminar bringing together members of the various Seishinkan Iaido dojos in one location.

The National Iaido Seminar involves a taikai (championship) and a grading for Seishinkan Iaido members up to the rank of Godan (5th Dan). A record of Seishinkan members’ achievements at the Australian National Iaido Taikai can be found on the Achievements page.

Dojo Tour 

Dojo Tours are day-long seminars held at Seishinkan Iaido’s Australian dojos at various times throughout the year. Seishinkan Iaido Instructors attend each Dojo Tour to provide students the opportunity to workshop, exchange ideas with and learn from different teachers.

Photographs of Dojo Tours are available in Dojo Tour Gallery.